Angel Policy

*Ink n' Splatter are Products of Digi Doodle Studios, LLC*
© All Rights Reserved
Terms of Use
Ink n' Splatter grants limited permission to purchasers of Ink n' Splatter products to create hand-made creations limited to 100 works per item, or less, per calendar year.
Dina Gerner is the sole creator and copyright holder for images used for Ink n' Splatter, which are products of Digi Doodle Studios, LLC.
Purchase of Ink n' Splatter products does not transfer, or surrender, copyrights to any other party. Copyright usage terms may NOT be reassigned under any circumstances.
By purchasing collections, or elements, from Ink n' Splatter grants you a user license for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Dina Gerner’s Ink n' Splatter images are NOT in public domain, cannot be claimed under the "Fair Use" Act, all are copyrighted and designed by Dina Gerner.
Copyright Protection...
**Please be sure to watermark all your project photos with your name for copyright protection of both Ink n' Splatter and yourself.
You May...
  • You may use Ink n' Splatter images for personal use projects you have hand created individually PROVIDING you follow our terms.
• You must purchase Ink n' Splatter products from Dina Gerner on the Ink n' Splatter store website, or authorized retail stores only, to guarantee you are not working with, or reselling illegally distributed copyright protected image files.
• Ink n' Splatter images may be incorporated into FINIFSHED projects, that are HAND MADE by the individual artist, to sell as cards and other paper crafting projects.
• You may use Ink n' Splatter handmade, hand-stamped, and hand-colored/painted in layouts and other craft projects that are submitted to scrapbooking and card magazines for publication, as long as proper credit is given to Ink n' Spatter.
• You MUST provide a visible credit link to Ink n' Splatter on your product description.
These copyrighted images must be used in compliance with Dina Gerner's Digi Doodle Studios/Ink n' Splatter Usage Terms.
• You must use Hand-Stamped images to create your OWN hand-colored compositions, tutorials, or novelties (hand-painted t-shirts, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, personalized ornaments, cookies, cakes, etc...) Stamped images alone, colored or uncolored,  MAY NOT be distributed/resold as products, or files, to be imported for digital machine replication equipment use such as embroidery, cutting, screening, etc...
• You may create completed tangible hand colored craft items and give as a gift to friends and family.
You May Not:
 Ink n' Splatter products, or images, may NOT be redistributed, reuse or resell, loan, rent, share, sublicense or otherwise, in whole or in part, or in a format designed or intended for permanent storage or to be re-used by others.
**For example: NO posting, distributing, sharing, freely giving away or reselling Ink n' Splatter products, or as files, on blogs, newsgroups, websites, or elsewhere, selling “AS IS” images as digital kit elements, pattern art, clipart, or collection kits.
• You may Not use Ink n' Splatter designs for mass commercial production or manufacturing, resell or distribute graphics, any designs, or products where the content of the product includes Digi Doodle Studios/Ink n' Splatter designs as part of your own works or as they exist, even in a flattened format. Such as pages, albums, templates, cards, stationery, invitations, announcements or anything of the like. This would include but is not limited to distribution to general public through any website, email lists, internet communities, Etsy, eBay, Print -on-Demand sites, software program files of any kind (such as digital games, apps, photography and imaging software, website development and design, desktop publishing, program software, machine embroidery software files, cutting files, or any other retail establishment, photographer, designer, customer, or other outlet.
• You may NOT claim ownership, grant usage permissions, or reassign copyrights to "new compositions" created from Dina Gerner’s Ink n' Splatter copyright protected properties. 
• You may NOT use any of Ink n' Splatter products, or images for commercial use for logos, trademarks, service marks, website or blog design.
•• Most of all, Dina Gerner’s Digi Doodle Studios/Ink n' Splatter is a family-friendly artist/company, and strictly prohibits any of her designs to be used to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works.
**All rights to graphics and collections are retained by Dina Gerner, the original creator, with all rights reserved**
Any form of the aforementioned is in violation of terms and will be considered copyright infringement and punishable by law.
Thank you so much for your understanding and support!